Producing the Journal

Faith and Philosophy is committed to providing the best, most current work in analytic philosophy of religion and analytic theology to anyone in the world free of charge. Doing so is expensive, and the journal produces no subscription revenue since it is open access. Currently the costs to produce the journal are defrayed by the Society of Christian Philosophers (SCP). However, the SCP leadership is raising funds for a Faith and Philosophy endowment that will cover the costs of the journal in perpetuity.

To that end, the editors invite friends of the journal to become patrons of the journal by making a donation to this endowment. Historically, our work has been generously supported by patrons both within and outside of the Society of Christian Philosophers, and we would like to continue this tradition in the days of open access. All contributions are tax deductible. To contribute, click this link: SUPPORT FAITH AND PHILOSOPHY

While contributions in any amount will be gratefully accepted, we acknowledge below donations of $1,000 or more as gifts befitting patrons of the journal.

Patrons of the Journal

Anonymous (x 5)
Anonymous in memory of Marilyn McCord Adams and William Alston
Simon Babbs
Andrew Bailey
Caleb Cohoe
Stephen T. Davis
Randall Gibson
William Hasker
David P. Hunt
The Issachar Fund
John Templeton Foundation
Glenn C. Joy
C. Stephen Layman
Justin and Anna McBrayer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McBrayer
Mark Murphy
Tim O’Connor
Michael Peterson
Bradley and Lindsay Rettler
Robert and Elizabeth Roberts
Eleonore Stump
Josh Thurow
M. Brian Trapp
Templeton Religion Trust
Sidney J. Jansma Trust
James Sennett in gratitude to Robert Audi
Dean Zimmerman

Thank you to each of these individuals and organizations for supporting the open access mission of Faith and Philosophy.