About Statement

ePlace is a digital collection of research and writing produced by the faculty, staff, and students of Asbury Theological Seminary. Managed by the B.L. Fisher Library, ePlace is designed to promote the open access of material from the Wesleyan and Holiness traditions to be shared with a global audience. It also serves as a place to preserve rare and difficult to locate material and encourage academic research and ongoing dialog between scholars in the field..

Why Contribute

  • Quality material is accessible to researchers worldwide
  • Materials are easily discovered through Google and Google Scholar
  • Long term preservation
  • Stable, durable URL so deposited material can be found without broken links
  • To increase scholarly communication in Wesleyan and Holiness studies
  • What Types of Materials are Housed in ePlace

    • Journal articles, including The Asbury Journal
    • Heritage material from the Pentecostal Publishing Company
    • Out of Print materials of faculty who own copyright
    • Research and Conference papers
    • Theses and dissertations
    • Multimedia
    • .

      Who Can Contribute

      ePlace encourages faculty to submit resources to continue to engage a global audience in the traditions represented by Asbury Theological Seminary. Out of Print books, conference papers, articles, and other unpublished material are all acceptable content for ePlace. Faculty can consider options of creating electronic journals, including student journals, to be a part of their classroom teaching. A student journal option would allow students the opportunity to upload content as well. Any person connected to Asbury Theological Seminary in any way should consider the possibility of contributing. To find out more about the process and procedures for uploading content, please contact B.L. Fisher Library.