Aims, Scope, and Policies

Orientation: FAITH AND PHILOSOPHY is a peer-reviewed journal that carries articles that address philosophical issues from a Christian perspective, discussions of philosophical issues which arise within Christian faith, and articles which deal critically with the philosophical credentials of the Christian faith. We publish full-length articles, back-and-forth critical discussions, symposia, and book reviews. The journal welcomes submissions in all areas of philosophy, from those who do as well as those who do not share its Christian commitment. Many articles will fall within the philosophy of religion, but the journal is not exclusively devoted to that branch of philosophy.

Widely recognized as the leading journal in its field, Faith and Philosophy serves the Christian community by articulating Christian faith in a manner that withstands rigorous examination and by exploring the implications of that faith for all aspects of human life. It serves the intellectual community at large by providing clear and thoughtful discussions of issues related to Christian faith.

Faith and Philosophy is published with assistance from Asbury Theological Seminary, Saint Louis University, and the University of Arkansas.

Permissions to Reproduce Material from Faith and Philosophy:

Copyright to Faith and Philosophy is held by the Society of Christian Philosophers. Rights and permissions requests are handled by the journal's managing editor.

  • Authors are free to reuse their own articles in other publications that they themselves write or edit, and no further permission is required. We only require acknowledgement of the original publication in Faith and Philosophy.

  • Authorized users may make up to 100 print copies of single articles for any personal, instructional, or non-commercial purpose. No further permission is required.

  • Permission is required to make more than 100 print copies of any item, or for republication in any anthology, textbook, monograph, journal, reference work, or database. Contact the managing editor by email for more information.

Laura Callahan, Managing Editor
Celina Durgin, Managing Editorial Assistant