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Theology, Development, Ethics, Justice, Theology, Theology of Development, Global Advocacy, Global poverty, evangelical, Sabina alkire, Edmund newell, what can one person do? Faith to heal a broken world, Wesley chiang, Wesley s. chiang, to what extent does Jesus’ teaching about the kingdom of God provide a helpful basis for Christian socio-political thinking today, evangelical quarterly 83, Daniel g. groody, globalization spirituality and justice, navigating the path to peace, peter c phan, orbis books, Jeffrey Haynes, religion and development: conflict or cooperation?, james davison hunter, to change the world: the irony tragedy and possibility of Christianity in the late modern world, Norbert f. Lohfink, option for the poor: The Basic principle of liberation Theology in the Light of the Bible, Andres Carlos Luco, Andres Luco, desire and the rationality of virtues (a dissertation), Katherine marshall, Richard marsh, millennium challenges for development and faith institutions, Katherine marshall, marisa van saanen, development and faith: where mind heart and soul work together, Ezekiel mathole, mokwele katiso, the Christian witness in the context of poverty with special reference to the south African charismatic evangelicals, Stephen mott, biblical ethics and social change, Enrique nardoni, rise up o judge: a study of Justice in the Biblical world, Ronald nash, social justice and the Christian Church, on the limits and possibilities of social transformation: a study of the prophetic pragmatism of cornel west, the Christian realism of Reinhold Niebuhr and the Theological Legacy of Benjamin Elijah Mays, John Perry, subverting the republic: Christian faithfulness and civic allegiance in John Locke’s America (dissertation), vinoth ramachandra, subverting global myths: theology and the public issues shaping our world, david ryden, is the good book good enough? Evangelical perspectives on Public Policy, Glen Stassen, David P. Gushee, kingdom ethics: following Jesus in contemporary context, Theodore sumberg, foreign aid as moral obligation?, gerrie ter haar, religion and development: ways of transforming the world, miroslav volf, public faith: how followers of Christ should serve the common good

A Theology of Development