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READI G: Required Resources and Course Texts. Resources marked with an asterisk must be read prior to the trip. Chew, Jim. When You Cross Cultures. Singapore: Navigator Publishing, 1990. Chapters 1, 2, 6, 7 on culture, contextualisation and stress-110 pages. *Fulton, Brent, ed. ChinaSource Journal: Perspectives and Analysis for Those Who Serve China. Vol. I, No. 4. 15 pages. Provided by Loftin. *GO Prepared. Produced by Teams Commissioned for Christ International, Inc., 1999. Prepared for persons going on short term missions trips these six thirty-minute lectures deal with spiritual preparation, team spirit, cross-cultural ministry, and re-entry. In ATSF library. Counts as 100 pages reading. *Lambert, Anthony. China’s Christian Millions: The Costly Revival. Monarch Books/OMF, 1999. Chapters 1-14, 193 pages. 800/422-5330. Ling, Samuel. Megatrends: The Chinese, Asia and the World. 30-minute video tape by ChinaSource. In ATS-F library. Counts as 20 pages reading. Ling, Samuel. Serving the Chinese Church in Transition. Samuel Ling. 40-minute audio tape. In ATS-F library. Counts as 30 pages of reading. Ling, Samuel, ed. Serving China Together. Published by ChinaSource. 79 pages, 1996. Available from James Loftin. *Notebook of selected articles and readings provided by James Loftin. Russell, Gary. The Role of the Short-term and Church-based Ministries. Gary Russell. 40- minute audio tape. In ATS-F library. Counts as 30 pages reading. *Serving China: A Primer for Pastors, Churches and Ministries. Published by ChinaSource and China Harvest. 29 pages, 1998. Developed in concert with several agencies to share the opportunities and challenges of work in China. Subjects include China's current modernization efforts, its ethnic minorities and practical guidelines for living in China, as well as a general overview of the culture and history. The China Primer costs $5 and can be purchased from James Loftin’s office. Yamamori, Tetsunao and Chan, Kim-Kwong. Witnesses to Power: Stories of God’s Quiet Work in a Changing China. Paternoster Publishing, 2000. Distributed by O.M. Literature, Waynesboro, GA 706/554-5827. 108 pages. $10 each, available from James Loftin.

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January 2001


Asbury Theological Seminary


Summer, Florida, MW690, China, Cross-cultural, Missions



MW 690 The Church Abroad: China