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Required Reading 1. A package of readings (source: the professor, not the bookstore) from the following: a. Frantz Fanon: “Concerning Violence,” chapter 1 of The Wretched of the Earth: The Handbook for the Black Revolution that is Changing the Shape of the World. 1963. b. Albert Memmi: “Portrait of the Colonizer: Does the Colonial Exist?” and “Portrait of the Colonized: Mythical Portrait of the Colonized,” two selections from The Colonizer and the Colonized. 1965. c. Kwame Nkrumah: “Obstacles to Economic Progress,” “Imperialist Finance,” “Companies and Combines,” and “The Mechanisms of Neo-Colonialism” from Neo-Colonialism: the Last Stage of Imperialism. 1965. d. Andre Gunder Frank: “Sociology of Development and Underdevelopment of Sociology” in Latin America: Underdevelopment or Revolution. 1969. e. Immanuel Wallerstein: “World Systems Analysis” (1987) and “America and the World: Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow” (1992) from The Essential Wallerstein. 2000. 2. Of Revelation and Revolution: Christianity, Colonialism, and Consciousness in South Africa. Volume 1. By Jean L. Comaroff and John L. Comaroff. 1991 University of Chicago Press. Paperback. ISBN 0-226-11442-2 3. Of Revelation and Revolution: The Dialectics of Modernity on a South African Frontier. Volume II. By Jean L. Comaroff and John L. Comaroff. 1999 University of Chicago Press. Paperback. ISBN 0-226-11444-9 4. Land and Churches in Melanesia: Issues and Contexts. Point Series No. 25. Edited by Michael A. Rynkiewich. 2001 The Melanesian Institute. Paperback. ISBN 9980-65-000-3 5. Globalization and Its Discontents. By Joseph E. Stiglitz. 2003 W. W. Norton and Company. $16.00. Paperback. ISBN 0393324397

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January 2003


Asbury Theological Seminary


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MB 765 Colonialism and Neo-Colonialism