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Because of your experience and gifts you have been invited to share with us in the very crucial opportunity of training men and women for ministry. Our program is called “Supervised Ministries.” That term highlights the essential part that the supervisor plays in this training process. As a supervisor you will draw upon a variety of skills. At times you will be a trainer, resource person, consultant. but in and through it all, we hope you will see yourself as a facilitator and guide who oversees the student’s work with an eye toward the full development and utilization of his/her God-given gifts and graces for ministry. For many of our students this will be their first exposure to the work of “pastoral ministry”. They may have served voluntarily in their local church as a church school teacher, choir member, youth group officer, etc., but they will not have had exposure to the broad range of ministerial tasks and responsibilities which are a part of a pastor’s daily life. It is very important that they have an opportunity to do (and to observe other competent people doing) this kind of ministry. Certain tasks of professional ministry may best be learned in this practical way. It will also provide an opportunity for some students, who may be uncertain, to test their calling

Publication Date

January 2002


Asbury Theological Seminary


SM601, Student, Kentucky, Fall, SM602, Ministry



SM 601 602 The Supervised Ministries Program