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This course will have these objectives. First, the major objective will be a preliminary examination of the principal figures in Continental (German and Dutch) Pietism of the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, with attention given to their writings within the historical and theological contexts. A second objective is to examine the implications of 4 these Pietist sources as a primary expression of Christian renewal in modern Christianity, and to enhance our grounding in the doctrine and praxis of Christian ministry for the present day. Third, we will identify American movements and denominations that represent an interaction between Continental Pietist sources and the American historical milieu. Fourth, it is intended that this study will serve to raise the awareness level of the need for ongoing research and writing in the history and theology of Pietism, particularly in the North American context. Although considerable research in Pietism continues to be done in Europe, largely in the German language, American scholars have only focused critical attention on this field within the last generation. This imbalance needs to be corrected, in view of the deep and pervasive influence Pietism has had in American religious and literary life. Fifth, our intention is to help open a conversation between the ongoing and extensive research in German Pietism and Anglo-American Wesleyan studies.

Publication Date

January 2003


Asbury Theological Seminary


ExL, History, Fall, CH710



CH 710 Pietism in the Christian Tradition