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Students who are following a vocational calling into campus ministry are encouraged to pursue the Master’s of Divinity degree. This course serves as one of four core electives meeting the Servant Ministry requirement in the Mdiv degree. The four CD courses meeting this requirement focus on a students’ projected ministerial role: CD 510 for Christian Educators; CD 511 for Pastors; CM 510 for Campus Ministers; and YM 510 for Youth Ministers. Thus the catalogue description for this course reads: CM 510 provides orientation and immersion into research-based understandings of young adult development and spiritual formation, and explores effective ministry approaches for the college/university student. This course is designed for the recent college/university graduate who is exploring a career in campus ministry. (Note: an additional campus ministry course is being developed for 2008-2009 that will likely bear the title Campus Ministry Foundations II. This course will explore more fully issues of fundraising, understanding academic culture, board deployment and developmental perspectives on young adulthood and mentoring. However, most of these topics will be touched on in an introductory way in this course.)

Publication Date

January 2008


Asbury Theological Seminary


ExL, CM510, christian, Spring, Ministries



CM 510 Foundations of Campus Ministry (reading list)