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What is the mission of the church? Behind this question is a cluster of related questions, the most important focused on the nature of God's creative and redemptive purpose (as this is expressed in the biblical story), its ongoing expression in the world, and its consummation in the eschaton. Participants in this course will explore how the church might discern, embrace, and participate in God's own mission. We will consider the following questions, along with others which may arise: 1. What is the Kingdom of God? 2. What is the Church? 3. How is the Kingdom present in the World through the Church? 4. How are we to participate as the Church in God's mission to the World? Sometimes these questions may challenge you and your accepted view of the world. Please remember that this is an on-going journey we are all on and different people may be at different stages. Listen, critique, and debate, but always in an attitude which expresses the love of God to others.


IS501Christian Formation: Kingdom, Church, and World SP08

Publication Date

January 2008


Asbury Theological Seminary


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IS 501 Christian Formation: Kingdom, Church, and World