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BIBLIOGRAPHY: The following list is neither inclusive nor exhaustive. It presents a few of the basic resources for exegesis. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL Bibliographical Resources for Ministry,David Bauer, ed. DICTIONARIES Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, (10 vols.), Kittel Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, (1 vol.), Kittel The New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology, (3 vols.), Colin Brown Exegetical Dictionary of the New Testament, (3 vols.) Balz and Schneider GREEK RESOURCES Bauer, A Greek English Lexicon of the New Testament Moulton & Geden, Concordance to the Greek Testament Metzger, Lexical Aids for Students of New Testament Greek Greenlee, A Concise Exegetical Grammar of New Testament Greek Dana and Mantey. A Manual Grammar of the Greek New Testament Brooks and Winbery, Syntax of New Testament Greek Winter and Winter, Word Study New Testament and Concordance TEXTUAL CRITICISM Metzger, The Text of the New Testament ---------- A Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament THE NEW TESTAMENT AND ITS TIME Bruce, New Testament History Feine, Behm, Kummel, Introduction to the New Testament Ferguson, Backgrounds of Early Christianity Guthrie, New Testament Introduction Reicke, The New Testament Era Schurer, The History of the Jewish People in the Age of Jesus Christ, (Revision by Black, Vermes, Millar)

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January 2006


Asbury Theological Seminary


Testament, New, Kentucky, Fall, Wilmore, NT632



NT 632 Exegesis of Philippians