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REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS The following texts are appropriate materials, in conjunctioin with class lectures, throough which the student can actualize the course goals: Bettenson, Henry. Documents of the Christian Church. (Oxford paperback, second ed.). This is a record of crucial letters and texts of official church proclamations that shaped the direction of church leadership in the history of the church. Gonzalez, Justo. The Story of Christianity. Vol I. (Abingdon paper ad.) A concise but insightful analysis of the history of early Christianity, through the Middle Ages, that weaves a narrative that I often compelling for the reader. Irvin, Dale, and Sunquist, Scott, eds. History of the World Christian Movement (Earliest Christianity to 1453), (New York:Orbis Books, 2001). An engagement of Western with non- Western Christian traditions, written from the diverse perspectives of leading contemporary representative of global Christianity. Kerr, Hugh T. ed. Readings in Christian Thought. (Abingdon paper ad.). A concise collection of selected texts illustratin style and message of major writers in the history of Christian thought (through the modern era(. Rand McNally Historical Atlas of the World (paper edition). An important resource for acquiring geographical understanding of global Christianity, in its development. (NOTE: the first and fourth and fifth texts will be used through the second course). Recognizing that this course is primarily an introduction to the history of Christianity, we are also provided with an attached bibliography of primary and secondary works that will enable us to begin an ongoing reading program in the literature of the history of church (ATS library call numbers are included). I would also encourage you to begin building a good library with tools that will be useful to you on a long-term basis. Be sure to allocate enough time and resources to acquire the tools you need. In addition, we are provided with a bibliography of primary and secondary works, that will enable us to undertake an ongoing reading program in the history of Christianity, that will hopefully extend beyond this course.

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January 2005


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CH 501 Church History