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Streiff, Patrick, Reluctant Saint? A Theological Biography of Fletcher of Madeley. Epworth Press, Peterborough 2001. (350 pages with notes; without index of sources) From the Works of John Fletcher (to be found in the printed editions of his works; pages according to the edition in 9 volumes of 1806-08): - A Vindication of the Rev. Mr. Wesley’s Last minutes: In five letters to the Hon and Rev. Author of the circular letter. By a Lover of quietness and liberty of conscience. (later called: First Check to Antinomianism) (1771) (95 pages) - The fictitious and the genuine creed; being ‘A creed for Arminians’ composed by Richard Hill, Esq; to which is opposed A creed for those who believe that Christ tasted Death for every man. (1775) (45 pages) - The Last Check to Antinomianism. A polemical essay on the twin doctrines of Christian Imperfection and a Death Purgatory. (1775) (305 pages) - The Doctrines of Grace and Justice. Equally essential to the pure Gospel. (1777) (39 pages) - The Reconciliation: or, An easy method to unite the professing people of God … (containing: Bible Arminianism and Bible Calvinism, a twofold essay.) (1777) (130 pages) From previously unpublished works: - The Asbury Theological Journal, Spring 1998, Vol. 53, No. 1 (90 pages)

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January 2002


Asbury Theological Seminary


Kentucky, Fall, 2002, Streiff, CH650, Fletcher



CH 650 John W. Fletcher: His Life and Theology