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September 2010


Third All Mizoram Pastors' Conference, Dawrpui Presbyterian Church, Aizawl, Mizoram, India. Sponsored by World Vision International. April 27 - May 1, 1998. Theme: Pastoral Ministry Today in Mizoram. Photographs by R. Doliana Photo Ramhlum S. #457: Rev. Khuanga introduces Mrs. Adella Kamaleson. #458: Dr. Sam Kamaleson is introduced. #459: Rev. Dr. P. Surya Prakash is introduced. #460: Dr. Don Posterski is introduced. #461: Rev. Simon Poria [or Ponnia ?] of the Friends Missionary Band is introduced. A copy is included with Rev. Poria labeled. #462: Rev. H. M. Sungate is introduced. #464: Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Sam Kamaleson. #465: Dr. Don Posterski and Rev. Khuanga. #466: Left to right: Rev. Khuanga, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Sam Kamaleson, and Dr. Don Posterski. #468: Dr. Sam Kamaleson and Upa Dr. Salchungnunga. #469: Rev. Khuanga makes announcement. #471: Conferees listened attentively to lectures on health. #472: Dr. and Mrs. Sam Kamaleson with Rev. Khuanga. #473: Dr. and Mrs. Sam Kamaleson with honored guests and Rev. Khuanga. A labeled version is included. #479: Organizers with guests. #483: Congregation.




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