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August 2010


World Vision Conference, Nazareth, Ethiopia, 1975 or 1976. This was one of the best conferences they had. ##001-A002: Sam Kamaleson speaking with interpreter. #003: Left to right: ___, Sam Kamaleson, Tesfa, ___, Festa Kivengere (Bishop in Tanzania). #004: Tesfa sitting on ground with dinner. ##005-A007: Group of men including Festo Kivengere and Sam Kamaleson (included is an unlabeled versions and versions labeled with Kivengere and Kamaleson). #008: Two leaders of the conference. #009: Unidentified singer. #010: Six participants. #A011: Festo Kivengere preaching. #012: Meeting under a thorn bush. This is where reconciliation occurs. #013: Tesfa preaching. #014: Choir singing. #015: They met in a Mennonite School. The conference included pentecostals, Brethren and Anglicans. The Communists wanted all Christians eradicated. This was a polarized conference, but the conferees reconciled together under the thorn tree. This photo is of Anglican Bishop Festo Kivengere. #016: Reconciliation. #017: Bishop Festo Kivengere. #018: This photo is of a group praying. #019: Choir singing. #A020: Left to right: ?, Samuel Kamaleson, a World Vision employee, Dr. Ken Tracy (World Vision_), and Bishop Festo Kivengere. The conference was just after the Nairobi World Conference. #021: Participants in front row. #022: Assembly under a tent. #023: Left to right: Sam Kamaleson, ?, Festo Kivengere. #024: Group of men including Festo Kivengere and Sam Kamaleson.




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