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In 2017-2018, Hodos Institute conducted a study of leadership practices and leadership formation in faith-based substance abuse rehabilitation centers in Eurasia. We interviewed more than 60 administrators and workers in Christian rehab centers. We also developed an online questionnaire that was completed by more than 500 persons who had been clients of rehabilitation centers. This book presents the review of major observations and findings of the given study. We also propose basic recommendations on leadership and Christian mission in the context of Christian rehabilitation and social adaptation ministry provided to those who experience substance abuse problems.

This book highlights fundamental theological and missiological concepts of Christian ministry among alcohol and drug addicts. The majority of the book presents material drawn from sociological research on the theme of leadership in Christian rehabilitation centers.

The book is intended for those who are interested in/or are involved in this type of ministry. The book may also be helpful for churches and organizations that are involved in the training of Christian leaders and ministers.


ISBN 978-5-7454-1496-1

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Hodos Institute

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St Petersburg, Russia


Keywords – Leadership, Christian leadership, Christianity, Substance abuse, Rehabilitation, Russia, Ukraine




Negrov, Alexander and Belov, Alexey. Leadership in Faith-Based Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Centers: Situation, Tendency and Perspectives. St Petersburg: Hodos Institute, 2018. (in Russian).

In Russian: Негров, Александр и Белов, Алексей. Лидерство в христианских центрах социальной помощи зависимым. СПб.: Hodos Institute, 2018.

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Leadership in Faith-Based Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Centers: Situation, Tendency and Perspectives // Лидерство в христианских центрах социальной помощи зависимым

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