With his educational formation at Asbury College, E. Stanley Jones was a scion of the Wesleyan Holiness Movement of the early twentieth century. In his early years, he seems to be a champion for entire sanctification and one may have concluded that he would have fought

the same fights for this doctrine in Methodist circles as his mentors had done. However, after he set off to India as a missionary and later become a formidable Christian leader on the world stage, he appears to eschew his preaching and teaching on "entire sanctification," except when addressing people in the Wesleyan Holiness Movement. The rare times when he talked about sanctification, he often had words of critique of its operant inadequacy in the Holiness circles, yet Jones repeatedly called Christians to surrender their all to Christ. In A Song of Ascents, his spiritual autobiography, written in his ninth decade, he maintained a humility about entire sanctification by describing himself as a “Christian-in-the-making.”