Seminary has separated biblical exegesis from cultural exegesis, teaching them in different programs and seldom requiring them for those ...we need both – they are mutually building and supporting entities that only make sense when combined with the other. As teachers, preachers, and leaders of God’s Church, it is essential that we learn how to combine these two exegetical processes in order to faithfully live out our calling in God’s kingdom. Thus, we must study both biblical and cultural exegesis and learn how to combine the two; for one without the other is knowledge, but combined they form knowledge with the wisdom of how to apply that knowledge. While this seems like a Herculean task, it has been accomplished by many in the history of the Church, often when they did not even know they were doing so. One such previous leader and teacher in the Church is Bishop J. E. Lesslie Newbigin, who’s exegetical life made him a renowned name in his own day and continues to challenge us to “do likewise” in our lives.


DOI: 10.7252/Journal.02.2020F.03