Rebekah Clapp


This paper argues that Wesley's theology supports radical hospitality toward all U.S. immigrants, regardless of documentation. Specifically, the emphasis John Wesley placed on loving one's neighbor forces us to consider the immigrant's well being alongside our own. Additionally, his understanding of liberty calls for Christians to support human flourishing for all people. Further, Wesley's argument that all humanity is to be considered equal rejects any idea of superiority or supremacy as justification for withholding hospitality. Finally, in John Welsey's daily spiritual practices, he emphasized care for society's most vulnerable members- who must, in contemporary times, include the immigrant. In John Wesley's writing and practice he demonstrated a Christian commitment to public engagement with complex structural realities; his comprehensive perspective of social holiness necessitates a consideration for the justice of the most vulnerable members of our society: the children of undocumented immigrants. This paper was originally presented at a Social Holiness Colloquium held from April 26-27, 2018 at Asbury Theological Seminary.