Logan Patriquin


Pastors have long been under-resourced when it comes to deciphering how to craft intelligible, persuasive, and preachable sermons on some newly "settled" Christian academic position, particularly those surrounding the doctrine of the fall in light of contemporary science. The first three chapters of Genesis, along with the New Testament allusions to the edenic creation of humanity, need not inspire near the level of fear and trepidation that ministers have long associated with the public proclamation of human origins. We will examine a new resource in this discussion by James K. A. Smith, make a modification, and then test it in the context of the public proclamation of a popular historical Adam passage. We will find in this new resource a model for understanding the Fall that remains faithful to the creedal tradition of the Church, engages current scientific theories of human origins, and, with a few tweaks and further discussion, can help pastors preach better sermons.