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Journal in Entirety



Salient Experiences that Shape My Pedagogy
Frances S. Adeney

No Higher Calling: Personal Reflections on the Task of Teaching
David R Batler

A Chinese Christian Learns from Confucius
Kiem Kwa

Teaching as Hospitality
Ellen L. Marmon

Reflective Teaching in the Context of Community
Ruth Anne Reese

The Wesleyan Impulse in Teaching
Don Thorsen

Pioneer Girls: Mid-Twentieth Century American Evangelicalism's Girl Scouts
Timothy Larsen

Imprecatory Speech-Acts in the Book of Acts
David H. Wenkel

A Guide to Scholarlly Advancement for Graduate and Postgraduate Students
Fredrick J. Long and Matthew P. O'Reilly

Yahweh's Other Shoe by Kilian McDonnell A Book Review
J. Ellsworth Kalas

Book Notes
Kenneth J. Collins