Eternal depth of love divine,

In Jesus, God with us, displayed;

How bright Thy beaming glories shine!

How wide Thy healing streams are spread!

With whom dost Thou delight to dwell?

Sinners, a vile and thankless race:

O God, what tongue aright can tell

How vas They love, how great They grace!

The dictates of Thy sovereign will

With joy our grateful hearts receive:

All Thy delight in us fulfil;

Lo! All we are to Thee we give

To They sure love, Thy tender care,

Our flesh, soul, spirit, we resign:

O fix They sacred presence there,

And seal the abode for ever Thine!

O King of Glory, They rich grace

Our feeble thought surpasses far;

Yea, even our sins, though numberless,

Less numerous than Thy mercies are.