Tren Dissertations


Lowell Hoyt

Date of Award

January 1961

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Theological Research Exchange Network (Series) ; #009-0089


Thesis (Th. M.)--Grace Theological Seminary, 1961. Bibliography: leaves 100-102. vii, 102 leaves. Nearly all of the material that concerns angels in the Epistle to the Hebrews is contained in the first two chapters of the book. Beyond these two chapters there are only three isolated verses mentioning angels: 11:28; 12:22; and 13:2. The subject of angelology is so intertwined with the thread of argument in the first chapter that it is quite impossible to deal with it without giving a rather careful exegesis of the entire chapter. But in the second chapter the subject of angels becomes more subordinated to other themes. Six verses out of eighteen mention angels, however, and in rather significant connections. The writer has felt it wise to deal with the subject of angels as it fits into the general course of the argument of the epistle. Therefore, part I of the paper, which includes the material in Hebrews one, rl1l be found to be quite exegetical in development; whereas part II, treating the second chapter of the epistle, gives a more thorough exegesis of the significant verses, but just enough exegesis of the remaining material to keep the reader oriented in the author's unfolding argument. The three other verses mentioned above have been drawn into the body of material where they fitted best as comparative passages. Old URL: