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1) J. Drane, Introducing the New Testament, San Francisco: Harpers, 1990, (pb). An excellent readable basic introduction. If this is too simple for you, you may want to try R.P. Martin’s two volume work New Testament Foundations. 2)L. MacDonald and S. Porter, Early Christianity and its Sacred Literature, (Peabody: Hendrickson, 2000). Though I am not requiring it, if you really want to understand the `values’ of the first century world, read B. Malina’s The New Testament World, 2nd ed. 3) J.B. Green et. al. eds The Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels, Downers Grove: I-V Press, 1993 (hb) 4) G.F Hawthorne et al. eds. The Dictionary of Paul and his Letters, Downers Grove: I-V Press, 1993 (hb). These two dictionaries are excellent reference tools. If you already have these and are look for more detail try the Anchor Bible Dictionary (multiple volumes). The latter is done by authors that range from conservative to liberal, while the I-V dictionaries are done by Evangelicals.

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January 2001


Asbury Theological Seminary


New, Kentucky, Testement, NT520, Spring



NT 520 Introduction to the New Testament