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ME 700 Principles of Church Growth


1. Donovan, Vincent J. Christianity Rediscovered. 2. McGavran, Donald A. Understanding Church Growth, Third Edition. 3. Hunter, George G. III. To Spread the Power: Church Growth in the Wesleyan Spirit. 4. Arn, Win and Charles. The Master’s Plan for Making Disciples, second edition. 5. Schaller, Lyle E. 44 Steps Up Off the Plateau. 6. Winter, Ralph D. and Steven C. Hawthorne, eds. Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, Third Edition. 7. Acquire, from the ATS bookstore, a packet of readings. The following books are also required reading for students taking ME700. *8. Donald A. McGavran. The Bridges of God. *9. Donald A. McGavran. How Churches Grow. *10. Read one of the field studies in which McGavran was a principal writer, such as the following: Multiplying Churches in the Philippines; Church Growth in Jamaica; Ethnic Realities and the Church: Lessons from India; Church Growth in Mexico; Zaire: Midday in Missions.

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January 2001


Asbury Theological Seminary


Crandall, Fall, Foundations, Church, ME700, Growth, MS615, 2001, Principles



MS 615 Foundations of Church Growth