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You have elected to fulfill one of your Supervised Ministry requirements in a full-time internship off-campus. This is a commitment that will involve you in continuing daily relationship with both supervisor and the people to whom you are ministering. You will find this a unique opportunity to “test the waters” of real ministry and help to confirm your call to ministry. Internships differ from the concurrent semester placements as you will note in this handbook. You are “on your own” during the entire extended period of internship, except that regular contact with the Supervised Ministries Office is maintained by a schedule of “Due Dates” for your materials. This schedule of dates is to be honored according to your contractual agreement with the office prior to embarking on the internship experience. Your work will be evaluated according to schedule, and the evaluation statement will be mailed to you for your review. You should share this statement with your supervisor; an appropriate time is during the Supervisory Session. It is important that you communicate with the Supervised Ministries Office whenever any irregularities occur. You are advised before the internship begins that our office does not initiate contact with you either by mail or phone. It is your responsibility to report any delays or defaults along the way. Undue delays and lack of contact with our office will signal default on your part and can result in “No Credit” for the course. Finally, take time to acquaint yourself with this Handbook. As you prepare to work on the required items, be sure you understand by reading the directions and explanations. Careful observance of details will make your work move along smoothly and reduce the need of reminders along the way. Be assured of my prayerful support during this unique opportunity that you have to learn while ministering, and to grow in His grace and knowledge.

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January 2004


Asbury Theological Seminary


Summer, Supervised, Kentucky, Fall, June, SM701, Ministry



SM 701 Supervised Ministries Internship