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1. A Bible with Old and New Testaments (NASB95, ESV, NRSV, or RSV recommended; but NIV is acceptable). Electronic Bible versions in Logos Bible Software are available for purchase individually (see link below), or come bundled with various packages. The advantage of having a Logos electronic version is to be able to access Scripture texts from the class readings via the "linking" capability within Logos Bible Software. The RSV in Logos is least expensive ($9.95) and is used in Asbury's IBS classes; but in Logos it contains no marginal notes; the NASB95 ($24.95) has linking to marginal notes. 2. David Bauer, An Annotated Guide to Biblical Resources for Ministry. Annotated Guides 16. Peabody, Mass.: Hendrickson, 2003. NOTE: This resource should be used as an aid in finding the best NT interpretation resources (commentaries, dictionaries, Greek grammars, lexicons, concordances, etc.). 3. The Essential IVP Reference Collection. Version 2. InterVarsity, 2001, available for $102.95 at . This collection contains thirteen reference works plus four pocket dictionaries covering biblical studies, the study of New Testament Greek, theological terms, and apologetics and the philosophy of religion. These are listed below. Readings for the class will come from the first four of these works, although it may be beneficial to consult the others. Several of these reference works (and Bauer above) are required for other ATS classes.

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January 2009


Asbury Theological Seminary


Testament, New, Kentucky, NT520, Spring



NT 520 New Testament Introduction