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1. We will commence class on Monday at 9 a.m.; finish by noon on Friday. 2. Bring with you three discardable magazines for the collage that we will do on Mon. 3. I will supply you with crayons, scissors, paste, and poster board. 4. Write a three page fairy tale that will be read in class; and make copies for each member of the class. You may want to wait until you get to class (we will read them on Thurs) and write them. Remember, in fairy tales, anything can happen. Please. DO NOT READ A BOOK on how to write a fairy tale. Just write it by beginning with, "...once upon a time...." and the rest will flow. Trust me on this. 5. Collateral reading may include novels, plays, movies, cd's and cassettes, anything that relates to the genre of storytelling and preaching; orality, narrativity. A selected bibliography is listed below. 6. Find three to five stories that you think are good and make them available to the class. If they are lengthy, summarize and give citation where they might be found. I want each student to leave the class with at least 25 stories (most of which you will never have heard). 7. I would like for you to do one book review (2-3 pages) and answer this question: "Having read this book, so what?" 8. Following the class, a paper will be due--My Theology of Storytelling. It will be due the week following class. 9. You will tell two stories in class: my favorite story (5-10 minutes.) It can be serious, funny, personal experience, biblical, extra biblical. We are interested in the 'telling'. You will also bring a children's story/sermon, 3-5 minutes in length. 10. Course evaluation: written work 40%; oral work 50%; book review 10% 11. Get plenty of rest. You must be prepared to give full attention to the dynamics of the course for the week. It promises to be a great time. See you in July or August. Peace. Chuck 1810 Lisburn Court. Garner, NC 27529 (919) 538 2855

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January 2008


Asbury Theological Seminary


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PR 703 Storytelling