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Bettenson, Henry, ed., Documents of the Christian Church (Oxford paperback, l963). This is a record of crucial letters and texts of official church proclamations that shaped the direction of church leadership in the history of the church. Gonzalez, Justo. The Story of Christianity, Vol. 2 (Abingdon paper ed., 1984) A concise, but insightful, analysis of the history of modern Christianity that weaves a narrative which is often compelling for the reader. Gonzalez, Justo. History of Christian Thought, Vol.3 (Abingdon, 1971) An in-depth treatment of theological developments. (abbreviated: HCT) Kerr, Hugh T., ed., Readings in Christian Thought. (Abingdon paped ed.,1990). A concise collection of selected texts illustrating the style and message of major writers in the history of Christian thought (through the modern era J.S. O’Malley, Pilgrimage of Faith; The Legacy of the Otterbeins (Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow, l973) J.S. O’Malley, Touched by Godliness; Bishop John Seybert and the Evangelical Heritage (Topeka: Granite, l986) J.S. O’Malley, Early German-American Evangelicalism; Pietist Sources in Discipleship and Sanctification (Lanham, NJ: Scarecrow/University Press, l995) Rand-McNally Historical Atlas of the World (paperback ed.)

Publication Date

January 2001


Asbury Theological Seminary


Summer, History, Kentucky, CH502



CH 502 Church History II