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COURSE OBJECTIVES: A. TO begin to learn ‘how’ to ask life’s questions to Life and come out with answers ‘in life.’ B. To begin to discover a ‘balanced vision of Christian Faith and Practice’ by growing into the one traditional stream of ‘spirituality’ with which the person may be least familiar yet, from among the six traditions available to us from within Church History. C. To learn to develop an open-ended description of spiritual disciplines that will endure all through life. D. To understand the ‘flow’ of Biblical Spirituality through all ‘seasons of life.’ III. COURSE COMMITMENTS: A. Members who are part of the course will seek to gain knowledge about: - special resources that are within the presuppositions of the Christian ministry. - the experiences of the Christian ministry that demand the growth of the minister. - the appearances that distract from the realities of the Christian ministry. - the high risk of un-resourced self-giving in the Christian ministry. B. Members who are part of the course will seek to develop skills in: - Experiencing God within the expanding circles of ministerial influences. - Discovering the therapeutic benefits of ongoing encounter with Jesus Christ. - Opening and remaining open to the acceptance of the community of believers. - Escaping the ‘dryness’ of Ethicism, through Christian ‘obedience.’ C. Members who are part of the course will seek to deepen their spiritual life by: - developing accountability within a covenant community. - appropriating the means of grace from within the Trinitarian foundation. - learning and engaging in formative ‘spiritual’ reading. - developing the discipline of a spiritual journal. - expanding on the themes and resources used in the class sessions. - participating regularly in the formative discussions within their small groups. - appreciating the joy of sharing the process where by ‘my story and His Story are now becoming ‘our’ story.’ - entering into the continuing exercise of developing the discipline of on going exercise of ‘Spiritual Formation.’

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January 2000


Asbury Theological Seminary


Life, Minister, Kentucky, SF620, Fall, Spiritual



SF 620 The Spiritual Life of the Minister