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NT (IBS) 530X Mark


A. Required Texts 1. Revised Standard Version. Any edition that gives an uncluttered text, without paragraph titles or other interpretive comments is recommended. Similar formats of the NASB, NRSV, and NIV are also acceptable. 2. Thompson, David L. Bible Study That Works. Revised edition. Evangel Press, 1994 (=BSTW). This non-technical book will give us a quick overview of the terrain we will explore more precisely throughout the semester. I require it to help pay my youngest daughter’s college tuition and recommend purchasing multiple copies if you wish, perhaps for your family and friends (though, of course, I do not want to be informed of this). B. Required Access to Resources In order to function in this class you must have ready access to 1. A Bible dictionary or Bible encyclopedia (See BSTW, 59) 2. Two respected, contemporary commentaries on the Gospel of Mark (See the bibliography for suggestions). Full length, critical commentaries such as those by Lane, Mann, Hooker, Guelich and others are much preferred here over various homiletical or applicational commentaries. Students will find Matthew Henry and other such works common in “out of copyright” computer resources not fully satisfactory for the work being required in this course. So plan not to rely on them. 3. An exhaustive concordance or (preferably) an “Englishman’s” concordance that allows you to track original language words (See BSTW, 55) You do not have to purchase these books, but you will need to have access to them in a way that will not hinder your work. This will be increasingly true as the semester proceeds.

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January 1999


Asbury Theological Seminary


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NT 530 X The Gospel of Mark