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Friedman, E. H. (1985). Generation to Generation: Family Process in Church and Synagogue. New York: Guilford Press. This is the foundation text for this course. You may find this challenging reading if family systems terms are new to you. Friedman's insights into the processes of family and church are worth the price of the book - especially chapters 8 & 9. Guerin, P.J., Jr., Forgarty, T. F., Fay, L.F., Kautto, J. G. (1996). Working with Relationship Triangles. New York: Guilford Press. Guerin, et al. adds some meat and bones to many of Friedman's principles. I found this book very engaging, and very practical! Markman, H., Stanley, S. & Blumburg, S. (1994). Fighting For Your Marriage. Research suggests that the most efficient way to prevent divorce is through sound, structured premarital counseling. The Christian PREP model equips couples with specific skills that, when practiced, will help couples fight for their marriage. Class Packet. You will pay for this packet in the Pastoral Ministries Office. It contains all class handouts. Course Packet of Readings. You buy this from the bookstore and it contains selected required readings for this class.

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January 1999


Asbury Theological Seminary


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PM 704 Marriage and Family Counseling