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Please read all four assigned texts. After working through each book go back over the whole and see where the Holy Spirit is speaking to you (see Mulholland on “Spiritual Reading” pp. 110-115). Remember, you are after “formational reading!” Take special note of how the Holy Spirit might be calling you to reform, go beyond, or include certain devotional habits in your daily life. Make just a few pages of notes on each text (these notes will help facilitate your integration paper), and hand these into me on the first morning of class. In addition, I want you to keep a one-month record of your devotional habits. Chart it out by day: how much time are you actually investing in devotion; what are your devotional practices; and how is your devotional life being integrated into the whole of your life? Yes, I know it’s impossible to chart everything—such as times of continual prayer in the midst of ministry—but it is crucial to see what your “holy habits” actually are. This assignment is not to be turned in, but I want to at least see that you have done it; and more importantly, we will be using it in our work together.

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January 1999


Asbury Theological Seminary


Heart, Kentucky, Devotional, SF840, All, January, 1999



SF 840 Devotion, Balance, and Fire: Living the Heart of It All