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MB 720 Cross Cultural Communication of Christianity


Required Textbooks for all students (MS 645 AND MB 720) in the order of assignment. 1. Storti, Craig. The Art of Crossing Cultures, second edition. Intercultural Press, Inc., 2001. 2. _________. Figuring Foreigners Out. Intercultural Press, Inc., 1999. 3. Hunter, George G. III, The Celtic Way of Evangelism. Abingdon Press, 2000. 4. Nydell, Margaret K. Understanding Arabs, Fourth Edition. Intercultural Press, Sept. 2005. Additional Required Textbooks for MB 720 students (optional for MS 645 students). 5. Berger, Peter and Thomas Luckman. The Social Construction of Reality. Doubleday @ Company, 1967. 6. Nida, Eugene. Message and Mission: The Communication of the Christian Faith, rev. ed. William Carey Library, 1990. Additional Required Readings for both MS 645 and MB730 (will be available on line; click on the ESJ icon.) 1. Milton J. Bennett, "Toward Ethnorelativism: A Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity." 2. Edward T. Hall and Mildred Reed Hall. "Key Concepts: Underlying Structures of Culture", from Understanding Cultural Differences. Intercultural Press, 1990. 3. Herbert Blumer. Symbolic Interactionism: Perspective and Method, pp. 1-21.

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January 2005


Asbury Theological Seminary


Kentucky, Fall, MB720, MS645



MS 645 Cross Cultural Communication of Christianity