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MB 710 Learning a Language and Culture


Books and Materials: Required books for the course: Abbott, Edwin A. (1884; 1979) Flatland: A romance of many dimensions. NY; Dover. Agar, Michael (1994) Language Shock: Understanding the Culture of Conversation. NY: Quill. Brewster, E Thomas, and Brewster, Elizabeth S (1976) Language Learning Made Practical. Pasadena: Lingua House (This book plus cassette is available from the instructor for $21.00) Marshall, Terry (1989) The Whole World Guide to Language Learning. Yarmouth: Intercultural Press. Nida, Eugene A. (1960; 1990) Message and Mission: The communication of the Christian Faith. Pasadena: Wm Carey. Sandoz, Mari (1953; 1992) Cheyenne Autumn. Lincoln: Univ of Nebraska Press. Recommended: Larson, Donald A. (1998) The Story of Sam the Sojourner: Living and learning well where you don't belong. Fresno: Link Care Center. (1999), The Story of Olaf: Learning a language again – First steps in barefoot learning. Fresno: Link Care Center. (These books are available from the instructor for $20.00 per set) Lingua Links Library (on CD-ROM). (2000). Dallas: SIL International. (This CD-ROM is available on several computers in the Fisher Library. It is also recommended for home use, and for your future use too).

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January 2005


Asbury Theological Seminary


Kentucky, Spring, MB710, MB610



MB 610 Learning a Language and Culture