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Required Readings Assigned readings from the following required texts are listed on pages 4-5 below. Information from these readings will enhance the student’s comprehension of the lecture and research topics, so it is expected they will be read systematically during the process of the semester. A report on their completion will be submitted as part of the final examination. LaSor, W. S., David Allan Hubbard, and Frederic Wm. Bush. Old Testament Survey: The Message, Form, and Background of the Old Testament. 2nd ed. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Eerdmans, 1996. Coogan, Michael David, editor. The Oxford History of the Biblical World. New York: Oxford University Press, 1997. In general, ATS expects students “to invest two and one-half (2.5) to three (3.0) hours of work per week outside of class in preparation for every hour of credit to be earned” (ATS Catalog, 2001-2003, p. 25). In other words, you should spend approximately 7.5 to 9 hours of work per week on this class, in addition to the 2.5 hours of in-class time we spend together. If you find yourself spending significantly greater amounts of time, please see the instructor. � Recommended Collateral Readings Students should select one of the following recommended texts for the book review assignment. Alexander, T. Desmond. From Paradise to the Promised Land: An Introduction to the Main Themes of the Pentateuch. Carlisle: Paternoster, 1995. Baker, David W., and Bill T. Arnold, eds. The Face of Old Testament Studies: A Survey of Contemporary Approaches. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baker Book House, 1999. Felder, Cain Hope, ed. Stony the Road We Trod: African American Biblical Interpretation. Minneapolis: Fortress, 1991. Newsome, Carol A., and Sharon H. Ringe, eds. Women’s Bible Commentary (expanded edition). Louisville, Ky.: Westminster John Knox, 2003. Perdue, Leo G., ed. The Blackwell Companion to the Hebrew Bible. Oxford: Blackwell, 2001.

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January 2004


Asbury Theological Seminary


OT520A, Kentucky, Fall



OT 520 A Old Testament Introduction