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READING: Required Resources and Course Texts. The Required Resources are to be read BEFORE the trip. The balance of the pages due can be read after the trip. Additional reading resources in Spanish are available upon request. Braum, Theodore A. (1999), Perspectives on Cuba and its People, Friendship Press, National Council of Churches, NY. 138 pages. 800/889-5733. Cañizares, Raúl. Cuban Santería. Inner Traditions Intl Ltd; ISBN: 0892817623. 160 pages Updated edition (March 1, 1999). Cuba/Florida Covenant Task Force, Florida Conference United Methodist Church (revised 2003) Guidelines for the Cuba/Florida Covenant Task Force, 73 pages. Available for purchase in the bookstore in Wilmore and from James Loftin’s assistant in Florida. Jatar-Hausmann, Ana Julia (1999), The Cuban Way: Capitalism, Communism and Confrontation, Kumarian Press, 184 pages. New World Outlook Magazine. May-June 2004, 1-800-305-9857, stock # 3505 Open Doors. Cuba for Christ: The Amazing Revival. A Sovereign World International Booklet published in co-operation with Open Doors, 1999. 40 pages. 800/659-5965. Ramos, Marcos A. Protestantism and Revolution in Cuba. Miami: The University of Miami, North-South Center for the Research Institute for Cuban Studies, 1989. ISBN 0935501177. 168 pp. Wingeier-Rayo, Philip Douglas. Cuban Methodism: The Untold Story of Survival and Revival. Dolphins&OrchidsPublishing,2004. ISBN:0965067335.128pages.

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January 2005


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MS 685 The Church Abroad: Cuba