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Required Reading: 1. Frederic, Harold. The Damnation of Theron Ware. 2. Hunter Rodney, Gen. Ed. Dictionary of Pastoral Care and Counseling: (On Reserve: See class dates for specific readings) Pastor, Pastoral Care of, pp. 830-832; Burnout, pp. 112-113; Prayer and worship life, Pastor’s, pp. 939-940; Identity, Pastoral pp. 567- 568; Pastoral Theology pp. 867-872; Pastoral Theological Methodology pp. 862-864; Pastoral Care and Counseling p. 845; Pastoral Care pp.832-836; Pastoral Counseling pp. 849-854; Clergy, Empirical studies of, pp. 171-175; Cross-Cultural Pastoral Care pp. 251-252; Cultural and Ethnic Factors in Pastoral Care pp. 253-254. 3 Headley Anthony, Achieving balance in ministry, 1999. 4. Kollar, Charles Allen: Solution-Focused Pastoral Counseling (This is our basic text for the theory and practice of pastoral counseling – Make this one of your first readings ) 5. Kuenning, Delores. Helping People Through Grief. (Many students find this to be a very emotional book. You may want to read a few chapters at a time.) 6. Nichols, Michael P. The Lost Art of Listening: (This is the best book available for learning how to really listen and to discover why this is so difficult to do. Another one of your first readings) 7. Oswald Roy. M Clergy Self-Care, Finding a Balance for Effective Ministry, 2002. 8. Steinborn, Melvin. The Lay Driven Church: How to Empower the People In Your Church to Share In the Task of Ministry. 9. Steinke, Peter. How Your Church Family Works.

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January 2004


Asbury Theological Seminary


PC510, Kentucky, Fall



PC 510 The Servant as Pastoral Care Giver