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COURSE DESCRIPTION With the end in view of living as a Christian servant leader, students in CL610 J-Term 08 will enter into a highly unique situation for a seminary class: 1. Students will first go through the process of preparing for an overseas, third world trip (securing passport & Indian Visa permit; receiving necessary vaccinations; and raising the funds necessary for travel and tuition). 2. Before departing for India, students will be formed into various ministry teams. Each team will be expected to coordinate with one another (as much as possible) in order to plan their areas of service at Bethel Agricultural Fellowship. 3. Before departing for India, students will view the DVD provided to them by the professor and they will read The Art of Crossing Culture by Craig Storti as well as all other printed material handed to them by the professor. 4. Each student will be expected to bring one suitcase to India for their own personal needs and then one suitcase filled with group project materials and/or medical equipment. 5. While in India, learning and spiritual growth will take place through team meetings; through times of service to the Bethel community; through one on one relationships with those whom we are going to serve; through interviews with Indian Christian leaders, and through corporate times of worship. 6. After returning from India, students will then compose a final integrative reflection paper in which they articulate their biblical, theological, and experiential understanding of Servant Leadership.

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January 2008


Asbury Theological Seminary


Kentucky, CL610, January



CL 610 Theology of Servant Leadership