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Course Description and Objectives: The course will explore the theology of John Wesley in terms of his doctrine of salvation. Principal attention will be given to the following elements: 1) the nature of justification, 2) the significance of Wesley’s Aldersgate experience, 3) the new birth, 4) assurance 5) the faith of a servant, and 6) Christian perfection. In terms of methodology, the course will proceed in a Socratic and dialogical manner as it entertains an array of possible meanings of selected texts. This process, intense in many ways, should enhance the ability of students not only to understand the thought of Wesley in greater depth in its eighteenth-century context, but also to think historically and critically. Moreover, the course will be attentive to current scholarly interpretations of Wesley’s soteriology and will assess such judgments in light of the primary evidence. All the tasks of the course, then, will concern exploring Wesley’s practical divinity in terms of its relevance for twenty first-century theology and ministry.

Publication Date

January 2008


Asbury Theological Seminary


DO, 690, John, Wesley’s, Theology, Today, SP08



DO 690 John Wesley’s Theology Today