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Course Description This course introduces you to methodical, inductive Bible study and to the message and significance of the Gospel of Mark, with emphasis upon understanding biblical books as wholes. By the study of Mark’s Gospel itself, the course helps you gain and hone skills necessary for using inductive Scripture study in life and ministry. When I took a similar course here at Asbury it changed forever my approach to Scripture study. That class gave me tools without which I would not want to attempt Christian ministry. This is not my first experience teaching NT(IBS)511 as an ExL class. Even so, I have much to learn about designing and guiding this sort of “cyber–learning.” It may or may not be your first venture into online learning. Adjustments may be necessary on both ends of the line. I welcome your feedback to help me in this growing process and in enabling the course to run as smoothly as possible. These and all of the other materials of this course are designed specifically and solely for distribution in this ExL class and are not to be reproduced without my permission for any other purpose. Note at the outset that NT(IBS)511X presents a class experience. Cyber–learning opens up remarkable independence and flexibility for us. Nevertheless, this course is not simply an “independent study.” Interaction and group consultation will contribute significantly to our learning. This will affect the pace at which you do your work, since peer feedback will prove significant. More on this below.

Publication Date

January 2008


Asbury Theological Seminary


SP08, NTIBS511X, Mark



NT 511X The Gospel of Mark