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I. Learn the basics of chord techniques on the guitar including all the basic first position and bar chord positions for major, minor, dominant 7th, and minor 7th chords. A basic knowledge of the standard chord progressions will also be acquired. This will be done through the use of praise choruses in a contemporary style. A well-rounded repertoire of these songs will be learned to demonstrate both strumming and finger-picking techniques. As time allowed, the student will also learn the basics of single-note improvisation using both major and minor pentatonic scales. If the student already has some experience in playing the guitar, that knowledge will be used to extend his/her proficiency. OR II. Students will gain a working knowledge of basic classical technique using Noad’s Solo Guitar Playing. If the student does not already know how to read music, he/she will gain this ability in order to apply it to the art of classical guitar playing. Continuing students will work through the rest of Noad’s text as well as be assigned solo pieces by the instructor.

Publication Date

January 2002


Asbury Theological Seminary


MU, 550, Private, Guitar



MU 550 Private Guitar