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Course Description: The trip to Turkey and Greece will begin in Istanbul where we will be met by Ralph and Elaine Elliot, leaders in the church in Turkey where there are less than 3,000 Protestant Christians nationwide.1 They will deliver the first lecture. This is a course that begins with history and focuses on evangelism and mission. Not only are we visiting the sites, we are visiting local churches in both Turkey and Greece to receive some instruction as to how the Church survives in an overwhelmingly predominate Muslim setting (Turkey) and Orthodox setting (Greece). Apart from the local churches and traditional sites of Paul's missionary journeys we visit the Blue Mosque and Saint Sophia in Istanbul and then include visits to the rock fortress of Meteora and the Byzantine monasteries in western Thessaly. During the 11 days in Turkey and Greece (an extension to Rome is also possible) there will be frequent input from the professor along with evening sessions for reflection and processing the day’s events. Students will be asked to read in advance from a selection of books that cover topics relevant to the Biblical times as well as the contemporary religious and socio-political scenes.

Publication Date

January 2008


Asbury Theological Seminary


MS, 685, The, Church, Abroad:, TurkeyGreece, with, an, extension, to, Rome, JA08



MS 685 The Church Abroad: Turkey/Greece (with an extension to Rome)