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This SUPERVISED MINISTRY HANDBOOK is your working guide and textbook for two semesters of field education. It serves for SM 601, SM 602, and SM 603. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep it in a separate three-ring binder, since it is not a bookbound. STUDENT PASTORS who are enrolled in SM 601C will not use this handbook but will use the handbook titled, SUPERVISED MINISTRIES SM 601, SM 602 - STUDENT PASTOR. An addendum of this handbook is the EXTENDED CASE GUIDELINES (Some professors may also use the text CASE BRIEF GUIDELINES). The self- referent case study based on our EXTENDED CASE GUIDELINES format is the basic learning instrument for courses in supervised ministries. This addendum provides you with the model format and instruction for good case writing. This handbook can be purchased at the Cokesbury seminary bookstore or downloaded on the intranet. • Other required texts: SM 601, 602 The text Lay Leadership for Ministry Training is required for Courses SM 601 and 602. This text is needed for the Pastor and Local Church Lay Committee members of the local church where you serve. Request free copies via e-mail from the S.Min. office in Wilmore via e-mail to Claire Williams or you can download the material from the Intranet. If you obtain copies from the, these must be collected from the Lay Committee and returned to the S.Min. office at the end of the semester. The text Field Supervisors Handbook: Local Church should be distributed to your supervising pastor to familiarize him/her with the role of supervising and mentoring pastor. Copies are available from the S.Min. office or may be downloaded by clicking on “Intranet, Students, Class Syllabi, 2002-2003, Wilmore, Spring 2003, Smin 601, 602 FS Handbook.”

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January 2003


Asbury Theological Seminary


ExL, Supervised, SM601, SM602, Spring, Ministry, SM603



SM 601, 602, 603 Supervised Ministry Handbook