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To prepare students for ministry by training them to analyze and address issues in the arena of healthcare from a Christian perspective. To develop ministers who are responsive to the needs, contexts, and insights of parishioners and members of the larger community who are patients, family members of patients, or practitioners. To enable ministers to equip their congregations for understanding their moral responsibility in decisions about the delivery and receiving of health care and the impact of social decisions in health care and biotechnology on the broader community. This course focuses on the bioethical issues that most commonly arise for pastors, chaplains, and other caregivers in clinical settings. Specifically, the course examines the cultural and religious meanings of and the moral response to sickness, disability, and death. The course specific consideration of how Christian death rituals, specifically the funeral. This course is one of five 1-hour bioethics courses. The others examine: • Biotechnologies (focusing on genetic alteration, abortion, stem cell research, etc.), • The moral questions arising from current discussions of cosmology, evolution, and creation, • Environmental ethics, and, • Sickness and disability (along with the distribution of healthcare).


CS680 Bioethics- Death & Dying JA08

Publication Date

January 2008


Asbury Theological Seminary


CS680, Bioethics-, Death, and, Dying, JA08, CS680Bioethics-DeathandDyingJA08



CS 680 Bioethics- Death and Dying