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Welcome to Foundations of Christian Discipleship. I am so glad you have elected to take this course. While the title of the course suggests a beginning point, I want you to know that it will be broader than just a beginning point. By the end of the semester you will have developed a better understanding of what it means to help the church develop into a stronger, more intelligent, spiritually deep family of believers who are able to articulate their faith. However, do not make the mistake of thinking this is a specialized course. It is a course that broadly examines Christian Education – hence the title “Foundations of Christian Discipleship”. This course includes a Biblical perspective of spiritual education, a short history of Christian Discipleship, the Wesley connection, Discipling today, Change methodology to be more effective, and the use of technology in Christian discipleship. CD510 is a course that is designed to give you a broad perspective of Christian discipleship. It will lead you into the foundations of Christian Discipleship. Over the next few weeks (and believe me, while they seem long, they are but a blink of an eye), we will be . . . o Developing a Biblical perspective of discipleship o Exploring Wesley’s methods of discipling o Creating a philosophy of Christian discipleship o Developing a paradigm of discipler/disciple (teacher/student) o Specifically focusing on Nurturing, Facilitating, Administering, and Coordinating the church's educational ministries. o Exploring the use of technology in discipleship

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January 2008


Asbury Theological Seminary


CD510XL, Foundations, of, Christian, Discipleship



CD 510 XL Foundations of Christian Discipleship