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This course offers a concise introduction to inductive Bible study for students enrolled in the Masters of Arts programs other than those specializing in Bible. The purpose is to introduce students to a systematic and comprehensive approach to Bible study. The course will treat the entire Bible study process from initial observation and interpretation of texts in their literary, historical, and canonical contexts to the contemporary appropriation of these texts. In accord with the principle that students can best understand hermeneutical issues and develop exegetical skills as they engage in rigorous study of specific texts, the course will focus upon the application of Bible study method to two biblical books (Luke and Micah) that represent both testaments and a range of literary forms and theological perspectives. Attention will be given to the significance of the interpretation and appropriation of the biblical text within the Wesleyan tradition for the ministerial vocations represented in the various Masters of Arts programs (missions, counseling, etc.)

Publication Date

January 2008


Asbury Theological Seminary


BS, 503, Introduction, to, Inductive, Bible, Study, SP08



BS 503 Introduction to Inductive Bible Study