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The case study is a way of doing theology which does not divorce theory from practice or action from reflection. It may be helpful to read The Bible in Human Transformation by Walter Wink in this connection. The case study will help the participant in the following ways. 1. One will be encouraged to cultivate and sharpen tools of observation, critical analysis, integration of theory and practice, theological reflection, and ways to evaluate a particular act of ministry. 2. It is a method which fosters an integration with, and interaction with theological issues. 3. It encourages the participant to think in theological categories and come to grips with theological issues. 4. Participants will bring the Bible and Theology to bear on experiences of ministry and apply biblical material to situations in ministry. 5. It will lead one beyond theological questions to theological affirmation. 6. The case study will lead one to investigate and do research into bodies of knowledge and theories of the disciplines related to ministry. 7. Participants will analyze the psychological and behavioral factors and dynamics involved in the case, so simplistic answers will not be given to complex problems. 8. The case study will increase diagnostic and prognostic skills.

Publication Date

January 2002


Asbury Theological Seminary


Kentucky, Case, Fall, Spring, study



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