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1. The Power of Servant Leadership: Essays by Robert Greenleaf, edited by Larry Spears (San Francisco: Berett Koehler, 1998) ISBN: 1576750353 (181 pages used for this class). 2. Journey to the East by Herman Hesse (NY: Noonday Press, 1956) ISBN: 0374500363 (118 pages). 3 3. Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2002) ISBN: 031024823X (253 pages). 4. Wesleyan Leadership in Troubled Times by David L. McKenna (Kansas City: Beacon Hill Press, 2002) ISBN: 0834119579 (139 pages). 5. In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership by Henri Nouwen (NY: Crossroad/Herder & Herder, 1993) ISBN: 0824512596 (81 pages). 6. Upside Down by Stacy T. Rinehart (Colorado Springs: Navpress, 1998) ISBN: 1576830799 (164 pages). B. Choose One Book: [You will present your 4-MAT to your team by designated date on calendar.] 1. Mentoring: Confidence in Finding a Mentor and Being One by Bobb Biehl (Nashville: Broadman & Holman, 1996) ISBN: 080546347X (182 pages). 2. A Servant’s Manual by Michael W. Foss (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2002) ISBN: 0800634535 (133 pages). 3. Real Power, 3rd Edition by Janet O. Hagberg (Salem, WI: Sheffield Publishing, 2003) ISBN: 1879215462 (304 pages). 4. Dog Training, Fly Fishing & Sharing Christ in the 21st Century by Ted Haggard (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2002) ISBN: 0785265147 (207 pages). 5. How to Change Your Church (without killing it) by Alan Nelson and Gene Appel (Nashville: W Publishing Group, Thomas Nelson, 2000) ISBN: 0849916607 (329 pages). 6. If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat by John Ortberg (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2001) ISBN: 0310228638 (203 pages). C. Choose One Fast Company Article: Any Fast Company article relating to leadership in the 21st century.

Publication Date

January 2003


Asbury Theological Seminary


Leadership, Florida, Spring, CL610



CL 610 Theology of Servant Leadership