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Required reading will be taken from the following resources in accordance with the schedule of modules identified below. Notice the annotated bibliography in The World of Islam CD-ROM. I have posted an additional bibliography in the Course Center. The CD also contains the Qur’an we will read in Module 2. If you want to buy a copy of the Qur’an, go to You can order a Qur’an by going to “browse” on the left of their web page and clicking on “Qur’an.” Several options show up on the Qur’an page. I recommend the A. Yusuf Ali translation. An English only edition is available for $4.95, though that is not shown on the web site. It is product #BYAE). If you even dream of learning Arabic, I recommend you get either the $19.95 or the $14.95 edition. The English only edition and the English part of the other two editions is the same as the one in your CD. Because of its King-James-Bible English, you can tell whether it addresses Muhammad (singular “thou/thee”) or a group (plural “you/ye).” American Muslims recognize this edition. If you already have a Qur’an, you may certainly make use of it rather than the translation on the CD. If your edition is published by the Ahmadiyyah sect, check with the translation on the CD, if your response or point hinges upon a particular verse. The Ahmadiyyah sect is to Islam as the Mormon church is to orthodox Christianity. If you wait to purchase a Qur'an until you initiate a relationship with a Muslim guide, the guide's faith community may provide you with a Qur'an. Items to Purchase from the Cokesbury Bookstore John L. Esposito. Unholy War: Terror in the Name of Islam. New York, NY and Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2002 (172 pages, including notes and a glossary). Suzanne Haneef. What Everyone Should Know about Islam and Muslims. Chicago: Kazi Publications, 1982 (192 pages, including annotated bibliography and a glossary). Charles Kurzman. Liberal Islam: A Sourcebook. New York, NY and Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 1998 (330 pages, including a glossary). Selected readings. The World of Islam: Resources for Understanding. CD-ROM, version 1.0. Global Mapping International, 2000. Selected readings.

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